STIF 2019-2021 Biennium

Discretionary and Statewide Transit Network Funds

The following applications were approved by ODOT to be funded through the STIF Discretionary and the Statewide Transit Network (STN) fund, which is made up of STIF Intercommunity funds and FTA 5311(f) funds. Before approving the funding, ODOT asked the Lane County STIF Advisory Committee to provide a "Fund" or "Do Not Fund" recommendation for each project application that is partially or fully in Lane County. At their March 2019 meeting, the Lane County STIF Advisory Committee voted to provide a recommendation of "Fund" for every application where the project is partially or fully in Lane County.

Submitted applications for STIF Discretionary and STN Funds can be found here: 

99-West Transit Corridor Feasibility Study
Coos Bay Coastal Connector
Coos Bay to Eugene to Bend Vehicle Purchase
Diamond Express
Florence to Eugene Connector
Florence to Yachats Connector

Formula Funds

Final Lane County Formula Fund Plan

ODOT approved the LTD STIF Formula Fund for the FY2019-FY2021 biennium in the summer of 2019 for transit projects in Lane County.

Lane Council of Governments, on behalf of Lane Transit District, accepted project proposals for STIF Formula Funds from qualified Public Transportation Service Providers in Lane County. A Qualified Public Transportation Service Provider is a Qualified Entity or a city, county, Special District, Intergovernmental Entity or any other political subdivision or municipal or Public Corporation that provides Public Transportation Services.  

Submitted applications for Formula Funds can be found here:

Cottage Grove
Lane Transit District In-District
Lane Transit District Out-of-District
Lane Council of Governments

Recommended Prioritized Project List
The Lane County STIF Advisory Committee recommended all proposed projects be funded and prioritized those projects at their January 22nd, 2019 meeting. The list of prioritized projects can be found here. The LTD Board of Directors reviewed the prioritized project list at their March 2019 meeting and voted to approve the list at their April 2019 meeting. LTD applied for this project list on May 1, 2019.

2019-2021 Biennium Advisory Committee
The LTD Board of Directors appointed an Advisory Committee to review potential STIF-funded projects and create a prioritized list of projects for the county. 

Voting members:

Phil Barnhart
Amy Cubbage
David Davini
Mike Eyster
Phil Farrington
Josh Haring
Susy Lacer
Ruth Linoz
Sarah Mazze
Sheri Moore
Eugene Organ


Frannie Brindle
Kate Reid
Carl Yeh

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