Bicycle Counts

The MPO has been collecting bicycle volume data since 2012. This information is being used to track changes in usage, better understand the impacts of infrastructure investments, and is used in health and greenhouse gas planning work.

The 2012 and 2013 Bicycle Count Reports can be found at the links below. These reports describe observations and conclusions using the collected data and other sources of information, including travel surveys, smart phone data, and intercept surveys. All data collected throughout the program is also available below.

Interactive Map

The data featured in the map represent averages daily and hourly bicycle volume for both weekdays and weekends.  These data are summarized to the season to give the user some ability to compare counts taken at the same location over time.  Seasonal information is important because of the influence weather conditions like temperature and rain have on daily bicycle volume.  The interactive map below will be updated every six months as new data is collected.  Information regarding the data collection methodology is available in the 2012 and 2013 bicycle count reports featured on this page.  More transportation related data is available on our Data Portal page.