The MPO is gathering data to better understand bicycle travel behavior in our area. To collect these data, we are asking local cyclists to use the smart phone application "CycleLane" to record their typical bike route for various trip purposes.

What is the CycleLane Smartphone App?
CycleLane is an smartphone application that uses the iPhone's and Android's GPS technology to track the user's path. Think of this application as a travel survey that asks where and why you are riding, and that automatically maps your route rather than asking you to write it down from memory.

Why collect local bicyclist’s route information?
In conjunction with local city transportation planners, we want to be able to plan for new or upgraded bike infrastructure that suits Central Lane riders. From research conducted by Portland State University (PSU), we have a list of factors that were found to be important in forecasting a typical Portland bicyclist's route. These factors include exposure to auto volumes, topography, bike facility type, stops, and others. With routes collected from local riders we hope to validate and/or update the PSU route choice algorithm so it reflects local preferences and behavior. 

Trip route data, collected by the CycleLane app on the rider's smartphone, is sent automatically to Lane Council of Government’s (LCOG) servers from the phone. All personal data will be kept confidential. Users can cancel data collection during a trip at any time for any reason, and no data will be sent unless explicitly directed by the user.

Data Collected
Click here for a short summary of data already collected. 

For those that have used the CycleLane App please take a few moments to take a quick survey about the App.

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