CycleLane FAQ

What is the CycleLane application?

In order to collect data on where and why cyclists ride, we developed the CycleLane application for iPhone and Android. CycleLane uses the your smartphone's GPS function to track bicycle trip routes. Users specify a purpose for each trip (commuting, shopping, exercise, etc.) and tell the app when to start and stop recording the ride. At the end, data representing the purpose, route, date and time are confidentially sent to the LCOG’s servers (all identifiable data will be kept confidential). Users can cancel a trip at any time for any reason and no data will be sent.

Why are you doing this?

We are interested in Eugene-Springfield bicyclist behavior including route preference and related demographic information. We are currently involved in implementing research completed at Portland State University where similar data were collected from Portland area riders.  Using that information we can now predict route choice between an origin and destination. The data we receive through the CycleLane application will be used to validate the route choice model based off of Portland bicyclist behavior. This will allow LCOG to see how well the model is performing and to correct input specifications to ensure accurate modeling of local area bicyclist behavior.  All of this information will be used to inform our regional travel demand modeling and transportation planning efforts.

What is the goal?

The goal is to better understand where cyclists ride in Eugene-Springfield area, the factors that influence route choices (slope, presence of bike lanes, purpose of trip, etc.) and how transportation infrastructure and land developments might affect a cyclist’s decision to ride on particular streets.

How long should I keep using CycleLane?

We hope you'll use CycleLane throughout the year, rain or shine. The more data we receive, the better the understanding gained about Eugene-Springfield cyclist preferred routes.  

Why are my trip purposes and personal information important to the Lane Council of Governments?

Past research has shown that different types of people use different routes, and that biking for exercise is different from biking for groceries or commuting to work. These extra bits of information go a long way toward helping us understand how people cycle in Eugene-Springfield. It is not necessary to submit any personal information, however, doing so takes just a few seconds. Information submitted will never be personally identifiable.

What about my email address?  I don't want any spam.

We'll keep the email addresses for project updates, but will never give your email out to a third party. We ask that you please fill out the other personal information—this information can't be matched back to you personally, and it will further help us analyze the data.

What about other privacy issues?

Data representing the purpose, route, date and time are sent confidentially to Lane Council of Governments’ servers. We will know your iPhone's Unique Device Identifier (UDID) or your Android's Device ID in order to group trip data by users. Users can cancel a trip at any time for any reason and no data will be sent. No other identifying information is collected without your opt-in permission. You choose to participate by filling out the fields in the Personal Info section of the app. It involves a few basic, optional and confidential questions useful to our study. and only needs to be done once. If you wish to give us your email address (which will not be shared with any third parties), we can update you on the progress of the study.