Regional Transportation Options Plan

The Regional Transportation Options Plan (RTOP) plans for the most effective application of Transportation Options (TO) programs and services to address changing demands for transportation in our metropolitan region. TO includes the promotion of walking, biking, transit, ridesharing and telecommuting; and focuses on ways to use the existing transportation infrastructure more efficiently by providing a balance of mobility options for the various types of trips people take. 

Planning Process and Integration

The regional planning process was a collaborative effort led by the Central Lane MPO and point2point, with ongoing coordination with the Cities of Eugene, Springfield and Coburg, Lane County and Lane Transit District. The RTOP was adopted in 2014 and is integrated into the Central Lane MPO Regional Transportation Plan policies, objectives, strategies and projects to meet the long-term transportation needs of the community.  A 20 minute neighborhood walkability analysis for the MPO area was conducted in 2012 as part of the planning process.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) completed Oregon’s first Transportation Options Plan in 2015. The State TO Plan is one of several statewide transportation mode and topic plans that further refine and implement the Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP). The State TO Plan establishes a vision and policy guidance that integrates transportation options in local, regional, and state transportation planning, programming, and investment. The RTOP complements the Oregon Transportation Options Plan and will further advance TO programs and services in the region. 

Recommended TO

Programs and Services

  • Traveler Information and Coordination Tools 
  • SmartTrips 
  • School Based Transportation Options- Safe Routes to School
  • Rideshare 
  • Transportation Options Resource Program
  • Mobility Hubs

Adopted Regional Transportation Options Plan

Entire Document
Appendix A. Existing Conditions
Appendix B. Public Involvement Approach
Appendix C. Needs and Opportunities Analysis
Appendix D. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis
Appendix E. City of Eugene TSP Toolkit
Appendix F. City of Springfield TSP Toolkit
Appendix G. City of Coburg Comprehensive Plan Toolkit
Appendix H. Past and Present TO Policy Framework
Appendix I. Funding Sources

 20 Minute Neighborhood Walkability Analysis for the Central Lane MPO (2012)