As part of a research project and pilot study, Portland State University has developed a smartphone app to
collect route,
 infrastructure, crash, and safety data for use by public agencies including the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). 

What is the ORcycle Smartphone App?
Transportation planners are looking to collect significantly more data about Oregon's cycling population and their routes. Additionally, there is currently no systematic way to receive feedback regarding infrastructure and safety issues. The ORcycle application is designed to inform transportation planners about areas where improved bicycle facilities are needed or can be upgraded. The app uses the iPhone's and Android's GPS technology to track the users path. Once the ride is complete, or during the trip, the user can report a crash, near miss, or a safety issue using the GPS map on the phone.

Where to Download the App?
The app can be downloaded from GooglePlay (Android) and Apple's iTunes (iOS).
Instructions for Android
Instructions for iOS

Why Collect Local Bicyclist's Route Information?
In conjunction with ODOT, local transportation planners are examining ways to plan for new or upgraded bike infrastructure that fits cyclists in the area. Trip route data, along with safety and infrastructure issues collected by the ORcycle app on the riders smartphone is sent automatically to ODOT servers from the phone. All personal data will be kept confidential. Users can cancel during the trip at any time for any reason, and no data will be sent unless explicitly directed by the user. 

Additional Information
Data provided by ORcycle app users will be utilized to produce maps displaying all reported locations with crashes, safety or infrastructure issues/problems. ORcycle will let you record your bicycle trips, display maps of your rides, and provide feedback regarding crashes, safety, or infrastructure issues. Please note that this is a pilot project and that ODOT and local road jurisdictions are not yet officially reviewing any of the safety or crash reports. Also note that ORcycle reporting is not a substitute for reporting to the agency that has jurisdiction over the road, street, or bicycle facility.

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