Reporting Road Hazards

Please report road hazards on state facilities directly to ODOT or a local transportation agency using the contact information provided below. Contacting the agency that has jurisdiction over the facility is the best way to ensure a prompt and proper response to the road hazard. 

ORcycle reporting is not a substitute for reporting to the agency that has jurisdiction over the road, street, or bicycle facility. ORcycle REPORT functions are useful tools to collect cyclists' feedback regarding safety issues and data regarding near-misses and crash events. The data collected by ORcycle can be utilized by transportation planners, researchers, and the general public. ORcycle report data is posted online but it is NOT communicated directly to all transportation agencies safety staff and maintenance crews. 

How do I report a road hazard?


ODOT Regional Dispatch Centers

Portland metro – 503-283-5859
NW Oregon – 503-362-0457
Southern Oregon – 541-858-3103
Central Oregon – 541-383-0121
Eastern Oregon – 541-383-0121


Maintenance Hotline - 541-682-4800
Parking Services - 541-682-5729
Police Non-Emergency - 541-682-5111


Maintenance Hotline - 541-726-3761
Police Non-Emergency - 541-762-3714

Who is responsible for maintaining the various streets and roads in Oregon? Who owns the road?

The Oregon Department of Transportation is responsible for state and interstate highways within Oregon. The U.S. Forest Service builds and maintains roads through federal forestlands and the Bureau of Land Management maintains highways on its federally-owned property. All other roads and streets are the responsibility of either local county or city governments. 

How can you tell the difference? 

If you are traveling a highway marked with a shield like those below, the Oregon Department of Transportation usually has jurisdiction over the highway: 


Sometimes, however, portions of state and federal highways that run through cities are maintained by city street departments. Streets within the boundaries of an incorporated city are generally the responsibility of a city public works department. 

How do I report a drunk or dangerous driver? 

Report possible drinking or drugged drivers by calling 1-800-243-7865. 

How do I report unsafe/unlawful operation of a state vehicle?


Email or call the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (503) 373-7475. 

How do I report unsafe operation of a commercial truck? 

Call the Truck Safety Hotline 1-800-248-6782. 

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